Wednesday, 29 October 2008

London snow

So it snowed in London last night. The first time it's snowed in London in October since 1934. I blogged about global warming's most damaging PR year to date in the summer, now I really feel like we're being conned. I know a lot of the wrong people at ugly newspapers and radio stations will be saying what I'm saying and I can't control that, but we need to look at what we're actually being told here; summers/ winters are getting warmer? Sea levels will rise? These things are not actually true. The very opposite is proven to be true. I'm reliably informed that it's actually been winter temperatures in the East Coast of the United States for a few weeks now. Yet "Green" legislation continues to dominate all major European manifestos. Why? We're about to enter a cold winter (both literally and figuratively), we're supposed to believe that the people who led us into it (skipping and laughing) will lead us out, just because "That's what happens in a recession. You get out of it" and fuel prices are set to rise yet again. During this time we're told that we should insulate our own homes, we should cut back on heating bills, why? Because the shit's running out! Of course it is! The more the natural resources drain, the harder it is for us to keep our homes warm, that's basic, but don't dress it up as something it's not to support your eventual movement into nuclear energy.

I know there are seriously respected people who have come to accept the theory of global warming, people who have been skeptics for decades now endorse "Green legislation" but while there's no real effort to explain what we see with our own two eyes, there's no hope for Global Warming as a concept in Britain. It will be a form of people control until the people don't want it any more (we have a government that does a lot with the left hand while the right hand does tricks, generally it can't maintain it and it all comes crashing down ala this economy), the British people shouldn't be taken lightly, the more this government has encroached on our civil liberties and taken the right to enforce morals on us and our children, the less likely they are to win the next election (not that I really think they have a chance any way). But it's amazing what they got away with in a good economy, who was complaining? House prices were going up and everybody was going on holiday, personal debt was being repaid slowly but surely. Now, approaching the cold winter, people have to take stock, what use is green reform when you can't pay off your credit card bill? Labour said at the last election "Labour is working, let's not go back to 3 million unemployed" good idea. Now will somebody with some credibility come out and say something constructive about the environment? I see Boris pimping it for his own end, I see Labour pimping it to their own end, I see Dave pimping it to his own end, but all it is right now is a whore with a lot of vaginas, fucking us at every opportunity and charging us for the pleasure. Can this monster continue to exist in a purely party-political atmosphere?

Really went off on a tangent there. I did not expect to use the word "Vaginas" in this post.

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