Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Cocaine is the NME

You all know how I feel about cocaine. If you don't, you might want to check out my new mixtape our even watch this video I put up this morning. NME.com is reporting today that cocaine 'has dropped in strength'. My question is, should NME.com really be reporting that? I mean, they should report what they want, but is it healthy for them to post that story when their following is generally of the ages between about 11 and 17? I can understand them running a story about cocaine, it's terrible and there are aspects of this story that act as deterrents. Talking about the way the cocaine is cut, with dangerous chemicals and such but ending with the quotes "You need a lot more [cocaine], you spend a lot more money to get the right effect and you still can't get the buzz." and "I don't take it anymore because it's all talcum powder and paracetamol." probably don't send the greatest message. Maybe I'm overanalysing. Check the link below...

LINK:British Cocaine 'has dropped in strength'- NME.com

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