Monday, 25 August 2008

The great global warming swindle...

I'm actually being totally serious here. Being the logical human being that I am; I've always been a bit conflicted by Global Warming as a concept. I, like a lot of people require further proof before we go ultra-Al Gore on this shit. That being said, I recycle and have half an eye on carbon emissions and such because either way you can't argue that the earth is pretty disgusting at this point. Especially in the Cities. But it has to be said that while the extreme weather over the past few summers was used as proof of global warming, this summer would surely act as proof that what we experienced was unconnected to the O-Zone? No? This summer has been crappy. Not that I mind particularly, I've lived in Britain my whole life; this is pretty much how it's always been. Also it means I'm not so salty shouting into a mic every afternoon, I'm not missing much am I? The Olympics kept me pretty entertained too.

New mixtape next month fools!

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