Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Capone N Noreaga

Where I'm from [South London in the 90s], Capone and Noreaga represent something so very serious. Half of us listened to Mobb Deep, CNN, Nas and Biggie, the other half listened to Master-P, Silkk The Shocker, Soulja Slim and the rest of those New Orleans guys. If, like me, you were a QB baby; CNN was about as good as it got. I'm always disappointed by Nas albums and as a group Mobb have failed to recapture what they had at their peak. Solo I don't think Prodigy's missed a beat, the same can't be said of Havoc but whatever. Nore became a different animal on his own. Generally I love solo Nore [no reggaeton...PIX!], but he hasn't been 'War Report' Nore since Capone went missing. I want this new CNN album to be good so bad now that they're back together and they're rapping well. I'm not the biggest 'Rotate' fan but I catch myself singing it every now and then [generally Ron Brownz can jump through a coffee table though right? Maybe he should make a song about how I told him to jump through a coffee table]. My faith is momentarily back in full effect though with the today's leak 'Grand Royal' produced by DJ Premier. I've listened to it about 10 times this afternoon. I am excited all over again.

Download: 'Grand Royal' via Sharebee.
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Anonymous said...

these silver-era artists will never be as good as they used to be (fat joe, mobb, wu, bcc etc.) these guys are old now, plus tragedy wrote nore's lyrics on war report(and tought him how to spit in prison) after he left it wasnt the same IMO, although i also enjoyed the melvin flint lp (half baked etc.) i am glad cnn are back together tho. safe

Marvin [The Martian] said...

Tragedy had a lot to do with the first album. I was always told he wrote the majority of it too but he said recently he mostly contributed hooks and concepts.

I never rated Fat Joe really. One verse on Big-L's second album aside.

Marvin [The Martian] said...

Actually his verse on the last Gangstarr was pretty good.