Monday, 30 March 2009

Man's got record innit?

Me and my cousin got pulled over on Friday by some sort of guns/gangs taskforce van. I don't want to get into specifics but rest assured they aint never had nuffink me you gets meh? When I got to where I was going after the incident I looked at my incident report and it said "Name check revealed previous for weapons & drugs" that's scary, I didn't even know they were checking. Last time I got stopped they didn't do anything as sophisticated as that, they actually listed Tego's height as "White" and forced Jack to change his nationality to Turkish. The mixed race copper was a laugh though. I pointed out that it was cold, he pointed out that "It's all cold to me. Probably my Nigerian blood" I raised my eyebrow. Yeah dude I get it, you're mixed race. He wanted to change the system from the inside. Good luck.

Yeah I just based three consecutive posts on shots from my camera phone. And what?

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olufela said...

u realise everyones got ur address now m8...

lets just hope u aint got any stalkers.. LOL!