Friday, 6 March 2009

Listen to my demo!

I'm in the process of chasing my very first professional recordings to give you. We did them in 2002 at The Dairy Studios Brixton. They've got some of the highest production values of anything I've ever done weirdly. Not that we don't put a lot into our recordings but we really went to town with the mixing. They were recorded under me and Jack's old group name I.N.S.O or Insomniaxe. I know where I can find them, they're on a very old hard drive that I looked at just today. We actually filmed the whole session, we were so excited, there were various members of So Solid recording in the next studio. I can't wait to listen to them again. I remember the last time I heard them I was a little bit embarrassed but I was a bit up my own at the time so I probably couldn't see the woods for the trees as it were.

So yeah. I will be posting my demo EP on Devil In The Distance next week. Excited? You should be!

1. Cinemusic
2. F.U.K
3. The Rain


Glen Byford said...

had actualy been listening to the old Why Lout mixtapes the other day, all good stuff, sometimes its good to look back instead of constantly marching forward

Anonymous said...

Woah that's 2 years before Cause It's Time! Anticipating this!

olufela said...

Why Lout mixtape was the lick!!

"...the home of the hooligan, land of the strong where the streets ain't paved with gold but bubble gum!!"