Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Gym Status: Pixel

I just found a really unflattering picture of Pixel from 2006. A reason for a blog? No that would be fucked up. No. I thought it would be interested to show you a comparison between Pixel at Mass in Brixton in 2006 and Pixel last week at The Dogstar in Brixton 2009. Isn't that amazing? He might be the best gym goer ever. He should do adverts for PowerSauce Bar. Simpsons joke. You may have read Akira talking about Pix's new found sexiness and he'd last seen P last summer maybe. I'm going to try and make him film a work-out tape and put it on Youtube. I'm thinking about making a sex-tape with somebody famous. I said thinking about...

I'm famous enough.

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