Monday, 2 March 2009

Things I Am Doing Part 2

I am...aware that I need to drop something this month. One song at least. I've got a few things lined up.

I am...reading a lot of Batman.

I am...sure Akira The Don is right about The Watchmen although I'm yet to read it so I couldn't say 100%. I was going to get it this week but it's looking more like Button Man or Civil War now.

I am...still recovering from a very enjoyable Saturday night.

I am...still not convinced that the government has a leg to stand on when it comes to that Fred fella's pension.

I am...awestruck by how good Being Human was. The end of the last episode could have done a little more but I'm excited by the prospect of a second series.

I am...looking forward to Red Riding. That shit looks great.

I am...of the opinion that Arkham Asylum > The Killing Joke.

I am...clearly running out of things.

I am...going to come back to this again next week. It's quite fun actually.

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