Monday, 9 March 2009

Things I Am Doing Part 3

I am...about to hook up with Jack and Pixel to do some writing.

I am...looking forward to hearing what Mr Lacey did with that fire shit Jack sent him [without playing me god damn it!] last week.

I am...almost ready to go on my new leak.

I am...actually playing a part in the new Example video tomorrow rather than just having a cameo. I'll bring a camera and do a video blog from the set. Multi-multi-media.

I love with my new phone. Fuck a iPhone, fuck a G-Phone, fuck a Blackberry, Nokia Express Music 5800 motherfuckers!

I am...waiting for to launch so maybe Hip-Hop blogs can move on. Respect to YN but god damn.

I am...not watching Charlie Sloth's show on WorldStar. I get it, I respect it, but I can't watch it. I quite like Charlie Sloth too, he's got a good amount of spit to him.

I am...playing Saints Row 2 to death. It's weird with next-gen games with internal soundtracks, you start off listening to the shit you would normally listen to but it doesn't take long for you to make those 80s bangers your soundtrack.

I am...and have been struggling like a motherfucker with my wisdom teeth for a week. Fuck this shit.

I am...dreading the fall-out of this Real IRA attack. Shit gave me a feeling I haven't felt in a long time when I saw it on the news.

I am...looking forward to the second part of Red Riding. Yeeeeeee!

I am...glad Peter Mandelson got hit with green custard but I find the act of throwing custard on somebody you don't disagree with and walking away like your shit doesn't stink kinda loose. I will forever respect John Prescott for the way he dealt with that dude who threw the egg at him.

I am...looking forward to hearing/ seeing This Art Brut live session.

I am...out!


olufela said...

Real IRA vs Al Qaeda.. now there's a grudge match i'd love to seee!!!

Tego said...

The Real Al Qaeda are on some shit.