Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Things I Am Doing Part 5

I am...recording with Jack today.

I am...happy with how recording with Jack went yesterday.

I am...delighted with how Liverpool battered Aston Villa on Sunday.

I am...sad Red Riding is finished.

I am...looking forward to The Wire's debut on BBC2 on Monday.

I am...looking forward to trying out this new Resident Evil.

I am...loving this new Saigon album.

I am...feeling the weather at the moment. It got a bit cold yesterday and didn't look good this morning but it's starting to make sense again.

I am...thinking about becoming an MP so I can beat the system both ends and claim against everything I do. I pay my taxes right? I want them back.

I am...not watching that new Chris Moyles show. God damn. His show on Channel 5 a few years ago wasn't even that bad. This shit is terrible.

I am...thinking about going to see Guru at Cargo in a couple of weeks. Do you think he does Gangstarr material? He has to right? A whole evening of Jazzmatazz might make me kill myself.

I am...listening to Akira's new song.

I am...looking at Mike the mono-dread's motorbike on Google Maps.

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