Thursday, 19 March 2009

Hip-Hop Connection folding?

Damn this would be sad. I need to find the scans of my HHC features.Akira needs to put his up too. He made history in HHC.
Sad news began to spread across the internet yesterday afternoon about the apparent closing of legendary hip-hop magazine Hip-Hop Connection. First launching way back in 1988, HHC was the first hip-hop monthly magazine, beating The Source by 6 months. 232 issues later, according to -a site run by leading hip-hop journalist Elliot "YN" Wilson, HHC has decided to fold. A genuinely sad day for publishing and music.

You can buy what may turn out to be the last issue of the mag from
LINK: Artrocker.TV

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Hunchbakk said...

admittedly, i haven't bought this mag for years

used to buy it almost monthly but hip-hop isn't what it was, afew years ago it was particularly mainstream which was where the problems started, over-saturation and under-acheiving, its sad that the mag may not be around when the underground is hot enough to take things overground again