Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Things I Am Doing Part 4

I am...still doing these 'Things I Am Doing' Features. Oh yes.

I am...still buzzing about Liverpool kicking the shit out of Manchester United at their house. I'm not big into football but that was the best Match Of The Day of all time.

I am...kinda sad about not being able to record with Akira and Example today.

I am...feeling Akira's story on why the session had to be postponed. Genius.

I am...almost ready to announce my first gig of 2009.

I am...buying this.

I am...recording with Jack tomorrow.

I am...going to watch Horne & Cordon today. I've heard it's the worst thing on television. Sounds like fun.

I am...looking forward to the last part of Red Riding.

I am...proud of the boy Amir. He made dude's face hurt.

I am...not sure about this Tyson Fury fella. If he turns out to be as good as his career has started he might be Champion some day. A white British heavyweight champion? What the rarse?

I am...not sure whether or not I had a boring week.

I am...now convinced I had a boring week.

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