Thursday, 26 March 2009

Tory MEP is internet sensation?

So Daniel Hannan [a Tory MEP] stood up and told Gordon Brown about himself the other day and his speech has become a Youtube sensation. So much so that American TV picked up the footage. But all of this was achieved without any acknowledgment from the BBC or any other British media outlet. It's incredible to think that Gordon Brown can be humiliated like this in public and nobody choose to run it as a story; but I believe it highlights one of the main problems with the democratic process in this country. I don't actually believe there are many real journalists working for the major news outlets. Important things are overlooked in favour of ratings and profile, MPs get away with defrauding the tax payer for decades before it becomes a hot topic and suddenly they're all exposed. Banks and government policy dig us into a crippling recession and they know about it later than anybody. I think the politicised nature of the BBC and the left and right leaning newspapers learned too much from Tony Blair and his government and are actually prepared to dance in front of the problem rather than actually show us what's going on behind the bullshit if it supports their angle. Maybe that's always been the way. I'm not sure, but it stinks of rotting corpses from where I'm standing. Show us the bodies Guardian. Show us the bodies Daily Mail. Fuck you if you think we don't understand. Respect our capacity to process important information. Or are you just that lazy?

BBC News talks about Daniel Hannan's speech with left and right leaning bloggers. [how "New Labour" did that Labour List guy come off though? Seriously? What a patronising cunt].

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