Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The big "C"

Without intentionally setting out to depress the hell out of everybody today (it's going to be tough. I'm pissed off) I want to draw attention to a couple of things I've seen this morning. The big "C" has been on my mind since 'Believe It' on my last mixtape. I've had a few more brushes with it since, I won't go into details. Today, while I'm pissed off for a variety of reasons I read the news that Black men are three times as likely to get prostate cancer according to figures revealed today. Apparently it's been the case in America for a while now. Also I bring bad news of a fellow performer and an artist I know Jack was into when he started producing; DJ Vadim. I just read on DJ MK's site that Vadim has Ocular Melanoma / choroidal melanoma cancer. A very rare form of cancer. I'm sorry for this depressing post, but I really want to make sure it's on people's mind, not in a negative way, but in a sense that you need to keep checking yourself and make sure you stay alert. Also spread the word that you need to stay on top of it. Seriously.

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