Thursday, 4 September 2008

Round 2

I just read confirmation on Semtex's blog that Kanye West will be dropping his fourth album in December. He's the last in line to announce a big 4th quarter album after 50 Cent's 'Here I Am' freestyle earlier in the week and Jay-Z's 'Jocking Jay-Z' leak at the end of last month. Jay-Z has been reluctant to put a date on 'Blueprint 3' so far but Jay-Z is the 4th quarter king and it wouldn't feel correct him coming out in the 1st. 50 Cent says he's got a film, an album called 'Before I Self Destruct' and a computer game dropping in the 4th quarter. This could be the biggest sales period in the whole industry recession. 2008 could go down as a record breaking year, everything considered.

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