Thursday, 18 September 2008

R.I.P Grange Hill by the way

I heard a lot of people talking about why it got canceled, saying it's harder to relate to kids lives these days, that you can't get away with real issues at 5:30, the kids are watching Nickelodeon etc. The reason Grange Hill got canceled is because everybody grew to hate it. The reason everybody grew to hate it is because it grew to suck. It sucked on whole new levels. To the point that they actually thought they'd burn the school down and relocate it to some imaginary place in the North so kids around the country wouldn't feel excluded from the show. Are you serious? I heard on the radio that in 1990 Grange Hill was pulling in 8million viewers. Coronation Street aside, nothing gets 8million viewers now. 1990 was about my era, through to maybe 1993-4, they were running stories about racism, gang violence, homelessness, teenage pregnancy, drugs, alcohol, drink driving, underage sex, all things I was faced with as a youth. I remember they did the same thing with Byker Grove, The Grove used to have some of the realest story lines on TV, everybody was going through something. PJ was blinded by a paintball, why are kids not allowed to see PJ get blinded by a paintball now? Are they that sissified? (word to Mr T) Or has the nanny state dictated what is and what isn't acceptable for kids to watch? The public service broadcaster that carried these two amazing shows destroyed realistic children's television from within, gentrified them to all hell and canceled them based on the ratings. It actually makes me angry to see the twee middle class bullshit they peddle (with a few exceptions) to kids in that slot now.

R.I.P kids with a grasp on reality.

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