Saturday, 20 September 2008

Cage biopic?

Cage is dropping a greatest hits album on October 7th called The Best and Worst of Cage. We've been waiting for his third album for a couple of years now but there you go. He's one of the few rappers where you actually see the art before you see the image. If you're not yet a fan of Cage's music I advise you seek out his classic debut album Movies For The Blind, I truly can't recommend it enough. His second album works as a redemption for his first album as he'd given up all the crazy drugs he was doing on the first record. They really are special bodies of work. This new compilation looks like it could be a good introduction to Cage as an artist. The reason for this post though was that in the news story where I discovered that Cage was releasing this record there was a rumour that Shia LaBeouf was writing and directing a biopic of Cage's life. Cage's life is pretty incredible. He was born in Germany to American parents. His father's name was Bill Murray (really) and worked in the military police before being dishonourably discharged for selling heroine. They moved back to New York when Cage's father's drug dependency started taking control and Cage (Chris Palko) started to go off the rails. He began experimenting with drugs and getting into all sorts of situations. He explains a lot of it on Hell's Winter. I just love the idea that a rapper not a few thousand people rate as highly as I (and a few people I know) do, could have a film made about his life by the young Indiana Jones/Even Stevens. I'm thinking of pitching my biopic.

The Best And Worst Of Cage

1. Holding A Jar Too
2. Among The Sleep
3. Summer In Hell
4. Stargate
5. Underground Rapstar
6. Escape to 88
7. Suicidal Failure
8. Cop Hell
9. Stoney Lodge
10. Gimmesomedeath
11. Weather People
12. Dust Vs. Ecstacy
13. Agent Orange
14. 54
15. More In Outs
16. Ballad Of Worms
17. Keep The City
18. Too Much
19. Crowd Killer

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