Tuesday, 2 September 2008


When I was recording This podcast with Akira a few weeks back we had to find a copy of my album on the internet so we could play the songs and talk about them. I was shocked at how simple it was to find my album. So a few weeks on I tried it myself, today; it was even easier! My album is all over the place! You dastardly thieves! I'm not too mad though to be honest, have you seen that Estelle took her music off iTunes? Because the back end is so low? Yeah. That's pretty much how it is now. Having an album on iTunes is basically as good as giving it away. From the label and the artist's perspective.

I'm not telling you to search "Marvin Devil In The Distance" and download my album for free. Heaven forbid, but you know. Better that than you buy the promo on Ebay. My next album will only be available physical. How do you like that? Revolution!

PLUS: I'm aware that most of you have never seen the back of my album. Well there it is above. Nice.


George said...

But are you aware iTunes kindly spelt it Tocadero?

Marvin The Human said...

Fuck sake. I could write a book about how iTunes has fucked me so far. I'm gonna get you Steve Jobs! If it's the last thing I do!

They also have the two remixes of 'Get By (Be Good)' in the wrong order. Something I noticed the other day.