Friday, 19 September 2008

Somebody's Watching Me Mixtape News

Yeah it's got it's own news yeah! What you gonna do about it?

Me and Jack set a deadline of 19/09/08 for all the recording on the tape. The eagle eye cherry amongst you will notice that 19/09/08 is in fact today. Well. It was always an optimistic target. Saying that, we are 95% done. I've rocked over some great instrumentals, some that actually mean a lot to me as an artist, some artists that you might not expect me to be into and be influenced by. I was thinking about leaking a track this week or maybe early next week but I'm now leaning against that idea. The tape to me is miles better than 'The Blogspot Mixtape' which I am still very proud of. This tape is a lot more focussed. Apart from 'Hero' which I recorded maybe 2 weeks after I put the first tape to bed, the whole tape has been recorded in a pretty tight space of time, which gives it a good consistency and very strong energy. Pixel came in and blessed the tape a couple of times on Wednesday. I'm hoping to get him in at the start of the week to bless it maybe twice more. His verses are incredible. One of the tracks he's on was actually set by a Jack verse and it's a track I'm not actually on at the moment, I will be by the end of the day though.

I'm on course to get the whole tape recorded by Monday, I need to finish one verse and two songs. Then Jack will mix everything down, put it all on a big white board and start beat matching tracks, it's a great way of doing it, you get to group your mixes and space your tracks well. It's not like an album, you really have to plan your mixtape so that it rides in a car or on headphones. I'm not going to put a time frame on Jack finishing the mixing of the tape because it's not my place, Wednesday or maybe Thursday though we should have an idea how long it's going to take, I'll ask Jack and pass on the message.

'Somebody's Watching Me' is different to 'The Blogspot Mixtape' in a lot of ways. This tape is not an introduction, it's not before or after anything, it's a sign of things to come in a lot of ways but it will stand alone. I'm not going to do too much talking on the tape, I've done that, I've got my blog to talk on, I've got an album in the can, if you want to know what I'm about then Devil In The Distance will tell you everything. I have a couple of tracks on the tape where I rock for a few minutes straight, just blacking out, no chorus, no middle, no end, I'm very excited to hear how it all fits together. There's no gimmick to this tape, it's all about a mindset, one I think we're all in or approaching at the moment, the economy is fucked, society appears to be in meltdown, we have the least popular Prime Minister and the least popular President maybe ever with winter just around the corner.

Having literally three songs remaining on the tape I suddenly felt like it was worth talking about. I wanted to make it clear before it arrived, this mixtape is not for the radio, it's not for the press, it's not for the label, this mixtape is for you.


olufela said...

lookin 4ward to the mix tape coming out.. better to do it right than to do it quick innn'it.

been blaring the "blogspot mixtape" and "it's been time" out the car stereo on the mp3 and playing ur tunes to anyone who'll listen... tryin to big myself up tellin em "i used to blaze under a tree wit dat guy wen we should have been working dishing out PCNs!!"

i think i can safely say u smashed it bruv! "...most niggas is oxymorons, the suck when they spit!" WHAT A LINE!!

i am really pleased it all seems to be working out but then again i knew u had the "show" in u... now it looks like u got the "business" locked too..

i'm sure u don't need me to tell u but remember there's snakes in the grass and haters who look like mates waiting 4 their opportunity to f**k it all up 4 u.

keep ur head up and don't stop 4 no man.

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