Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Children won't leave school until 17

Children entering secondary school this year will be the first to stay in school until 17 years old by law. Now, my problems with the education system in Britain not withstanding, I think this is a positive move. I don't think many kids have a clear idea of what they want to do in life at 16 and I think it's been an unnecessary pressure for years (I also think it's a growing pressure in the bigger Cities where life moves a lot faster). It's also a good move because the final year will in some cases involve off site training and diplomas in subjects such as engineering and construction. Which will develop genuine skills for work environments. While the many will tell you that all children deserve the same chance (and I agree) it has to be accepted that some are suited to classroom education and some are suited to practical training, both can set a child on his or her way in life. While we box all children into the same expectations and the same system of progression we have a lot left behind and a lot frustrated at the glass ceiling created by the lesser achievers. It's a similar concept to the old Grammar Schools in purpose but it has less divide.


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