Saturday, 25 October 2008

Marvin & DJ Jack Nimble- Somebody's Watching Me Mixtape [FREE DOWNLOAD]

1. CCTV Watches Me (Intro)
2. Line For The Toilet
3. Soul Seeka Feat. Pixel
4. Everything
5. My Phone (Take That Back)
6. Beware of the Voices
7. Carried Away (Accapella)
8. You Don't Even Know
9. The F Word
10. Misunderstood (One)
11. How Couldn't I?
12. Noise
13. You So Tough
14. Yesterday Feat. Jack Nimble & Pixel
15. London City (Beautiful)
16. Hero
17. Droven
18. Invasion

Marvin & DJ Jack Nimble- Somebody's Watching Me Mixtape [Sendspace]

Here it is. 4 months after My last tape, 3 months after My debut album. I give you, mixtape of the year 2008. I'm so proud of this thing right here. It actually ended up taking about a month longer than intended. Bang this in your whips, your headphones, your houseparties, your evictions! This is Recession music right here. This is industrial, the 80s are back, I don't give a fuck, dole queue, dark nights, cold days music right here. Send the link to your friends, post it on your forums, post it on your blogs, put the songs on BitTorrent, this is not for profit, this is not for a label, this is not for the radio, this is not for the critics, this is for the people who want it, the people who need it. This is for you and yours.

Beats From:
N*E*R*D, Masta Ace, Joell Ortiz, Ice Cube, Bun-B, Murs and more from the world of hip-hop as well as hot new tracks from the world of Dancehall.



George said...

Just downloaded, 2 tracks in and loving it!

AK said...


Anonymous said...


Marvin The Human said...

I appreciate that anonymous. You're the man. As are you AK as are you george. How three people can be THE man I don't know. But there we have it.

LW said...

Quality mixtape agen.Especially noise,beware of the voices and droven.cheers for yet another quality free bit of music

Gez said...

Salutations to u marv, u absolute hero!!! top notch!

olufela said...

downloading now..
will let u know what i think when i've heard it but based on past material i have no doubt u smashed it again!

i wanna buy ur album but i don't wanna use itunes.. what do i do?

olufela said...

ok.. got it now.. like i said this sh*t is the lick man!!

best songs so far..

You Don't Even Know
Soul Seeka

Marvin The Human said...

I'm glad you're feeling it man. It seems to be going down well.

The iTunes thing I feel you on. I'm trying to arrange something, give me a few weeks, either I'm going to have something sorted or I'm going guerrilla with it.

Anonymous said...

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