Monday, 3 November 2008

Devil In The Distance Promo

So since opening the Marvin [The Martian] Shop... I've had emails, Facebook messages and MySpace messages asking if you can buy a Devil In The Distance album promo. I have very few of them. Very, very few, but I did find a bag on Friday filled with envelopes which had been stuffed with album promos and 'That One Time' Promos set to go out to press, radio and promoters in the summer. So I technically have more than I thought I did when I set up the shop. Does that mean I'm going to sell them? Maybe. I'm technically not allowed but having attempted to arrange a physical release of my album for the last few weeks I'm on the back foot somewhat. You guys want the album, I want to give it you, you guys don't trust iTunes, and so you shouldn't. I'm not going to say how many copies I have but it's a seriously low amount. Like I doubt I could have it up for sale for anything longer than 24 hours.

I'm thinking about it. Maybe a package deal, you can get 'That One Time EP', 'I Hate My Job' and 'Devil In The Distance' for £14 or something. That way I can definitely shift this excess stock [which has been moving nicely by the way. Thanks to everybody whose bought].

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