Thursday, 20 November 2008

MIXTAPE: Uncle Murda- Back On My Bullshit

01. Powerful Music
02. Shoot The Gun
03. Don’t Be Actin Like
04. New York Is Mine
05. New Jack City Bitch (feat. Lil Kim)
06. Come Here Baby
07. I’m So High (feat. Tony Yayo)
08. Brooklyn Tale
09. He Asked For It (feat. Jay-Z)
10. On The Real
11. A Good Man Is Gone
12. War
13. Gucci Sneakers
14. My Way
15. Too Much Pussy
16. Sex, Money And Murda (feat. Knick Guns)
17. Grand Finale
This tape has a lot less Murda weed carriers than his last tape. Although it does have two of the biggest weed carriers in history on it. Woo! New Murda!
Uncle Murda- Back On My Bullshit [Sharebee] (Courtesy of OnSMASH)

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