Wednesday, 12 November 2008

It's a recession. Everybody broke.

I got very sick of the phrase "Boom and Bust" a few weeks back but when you look at the posters New Labour ran over the last 11 years it's pretty incredible the way they fucked it all up. Today we have the announcement that unemployment reaches 11 year high. I wonder what happened 11 years ago? The economy they inherited, all they needed to do was safeguard it and they'd be in power forever, voters in this country will vote based on their house price and perceived quality of life. What do New Labour offer at this point? The Bank of England say Britain has been in a recession since the middle of 2008. I thought it was a "Credit Crunch" and then a "Global Economic Downturn"? What nice phrases they are to keep people from saying my current catchphrase "Recession". I'm hearing that the next quarter's readings on the subjects of unemployment and interest rates will be even more alarming. Yey. Merry Christmas everybody!

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