Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Tinchy Stryder- Take Me Back

Keeping the UK theme going. I just got given the new single from Tinchy Stryder. His first [?] on Island Records. You can hear a snippet above, it features Taio Cruz. I don't know why but I'm much happier for Tinchy Stryder to be the guy who can make a Taio Cruz record work than I am about a few other Grime MCs trying to "Crossover". I think I believe Tinchy. Without trying to patronise him, I think he's genuine, most of the other guys have been soured by industry politics and Tinchy seems to brush it off. Plus his ratio of good verses is way higher than most in the scene. The single is out in January, be on the look out for the video and the remix which features Sway and Chipmunk. Sway's the other dude I think can carry the "Pop" edge in his music well.

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