Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Word to Clifton

A lady by the name of Sam Mason was fired from the BBC today for alleged racist statements towards an Asian cab driver. Read the news story here. She's a prick and deserved to lose her job. She needs to educate her daughter. But what really offends me is the fact that they mention she's from Clifton. I lived in Clifton for 6 weeks last summer recording my album. I didn't encounter any racism...I don't think...naw. I don't think so. Maybe behind my back? I doubt it. Sean wouldn't stand for that. Sean will fight you for that. That's how me and Sean roll. Bob, Tim and Andy don't get involved with other people's business but if Sean heard you being racist he'd spit in your eye. And rightly so. So if you're ever in Clifton, mainly Princess Victoria Street or anywhere around The Village. Tell them you know Marvin. Whatever race you are they'll sow you love. Ask for Sean. You buy him a drink!

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