Friday, 28 November 2008

Tool for government oppression much?

So you can be arrested and detained for 9 hours with counter-terrorism officers in your home for making public, information that's in the public's interest before the government get the "Chance" to tell us? Is that what's going on here? Interesting because I didn't know that. I heard Gordon Brown on the radio this morning saying he knew nothing about it, which seems strange. This isn't the first time this Autumn that Brown has used the police to make a point though is it? Didn't he say that George Osbourne's meeting with the Russian Oligarch was a matter for the police? Despite there having been no crime committed? But it made headlines didn't it? Whether through threat or promise it appears that the police are very much being used as a tool for government oppression. Nice.

Read about Damian Green being arrested on Plus watch an interview with David Cameron on the arrest

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