Thursday, 6 November 2008

Dizzee on Newsnight- Update

So I heard Dizzee smacked it before I heard there were some angry people on Facebook. I watched the video and agreed that Dizzee smacked it. He didn't pretend to want to enter into a debate, he wanted to express an opinion and he didn't want to make it look like he was speaking for anybody other than himself. Beautiful. How many rappers/actors/singers attempt to speak for their "Generation" and end up sounding like twats? Dizzee did manage to speak for his generation but that wasn't his intention. So I've since read the Facebook "Rant" about how negative a role model Dizzee Rascal is and how in America they get great role models like Jay-Z to talk about politics. I don't even know where to begin with that one. Then the person suggested couple of British examples who could have gone on Newsnight including Lewis Hamilton -that dude, hero, no question, lives in Switzerland, goes out with a Pussycat Doll and drives a car 150MPH for a living, just saying. Then they mention that maybe Bashy should have gone on the fucking comment.

UPDATE: Shout outs to DJ Semtex and Bashy. I love how this blogging thing works. It's not even 3PM. Politics being debated in a hip-hop context, across blogs can only be a good thing. I'm reading the comments though and I'm alarmed by the word "Educated". Did Dizzee not go to school? I think he did. A product of the British Education system like me, I don't know how well he did, but I don't know how well Lewis Hamilton did either? I know I didn't do very well. Does that make my opinion less valid than the next man's? I'd really like to know.


FUME said...

" He didn't pretend to want to enter into a debate,"

He kind of did when he agreed to go news night i lie?
Really and truly, if he's got nothing to say and isnt trying to put anything thoughtful out there, why didnt they let one of the MANY similar artists go on who would have said something. Someone with something to say. Skinnyman? Klashnekoff? even bashy now that hes changed direction.

Marvin The Human said...

"Changed direction"? He was reborn? Bashy does a lot of charity work. I'm proud of him for that. But "Changed direction"?

Dizzee Rascal is the most successful working class Black man in Britain. His opinion is as valid as anybody's. He was asked to talk on a serious issue, he did, what did you want from him? Did you get the impression that he didn't know what he was talking about? I didn't get that impression personally. I know 'Boy In Da Corner', 'Showtime' and 'Maths+English'. If there's a performer in Britain today who can talk about race, politics and their affects on the working class it's Dizzee Rascal.

Skinnyman and Klashnekoff are more qualified to talk about Obama why? Skinnyman's my dude and I'm 100% sure he's got something interesting to say bout Obama but is it more relevant than what Dizzee said? I don't see how?

fume said...

Not more important or more relevant, but Dizzee seemed like he didnt really wanna be there. where as i reckon others would have seemed a bit more willing to engage given the opportunity. dunno, maybe i am wrong but i got the impression he wasnt very interested.

bashy wasnt reborn, but he has changed his lyric content from talking about shanking and shottin to much more conscious and promoting positive role models to the youngers. if you wanna compare him to his earlier style, i would say its changed.

i didnt say Dizzee dunno what he's talking about, but i mean unless you feel particuarly strongly about something, why you gonna go on Newsnight about it?

Marvin The Human said...

You can't say whether he felt strongly about it. It came across to me that he did feel strongly about it. I'm at a loss to understand what he should have said differently.

Anonymous said...

Im gonna say exactly what I said on bashys blog!

Its funny- tru...but come onnnn, lay of Dizzee..What is so bad about Dizzee? Is it the fact that he was speaking in slang? Is it the fact that he was being very tongue on cheek? The fact is, if thats the way he speaks then whateevr, we cant bloody speak in a BBC voice if thats not who we are...

I just think he was nervous,but he said true had influeneced the vote..The truth is, he said his opinion, theres no point in saying what he 'should' have said because that might not be what he thinks! I think it was great to ahve him on, and saying he isnt a good role model is silly, he's successful, some people look up to him ect..

"Mr rascal, do you believe in political parties in the UK?"
"Yeah they existm I believe in them" Classic line!


M x

AK said...

I am so with you on this Marv. Saw that shit this morning, and i CHEERED! It was a breath of fresh air! It was righteous! He DID NOT PLAY THEIR GAME!

olufela said...

i've got to say here that FUME seems to be talking out of a certain orifice that aint his mouth... if u follow me.

Dizzee was brilliant! I wish he'd been given more time. In fact why is it that we don't see more black youth on Newsnight anyways??

I do love how Paxman called him "Mr. Rascal".