Wednesday, 12 November 2008

VIDEO: O'Neal McKnight- Check Your Coat

This video is awesome for so many reasons. Can you count them? I mean...seriously? Why did I only see this for the first time tonight? Has it been on "Urban" Music channels? I don't watch those. This is excellent.

Okay so I've decided to list the reasons this video is order...

1. Back to the Future motif.
2. It's very 80s.
3. The production is nice.
4. Greg Nice is on it! Rapping!
5. Is that the other member of Neptunes? Chad?
6. This song is pretty nice.
7. Russell Simmons just checked his coat.
8. DJ Enuff's got the moves.
9. Back to the Future car!
10. Back to the Future lightning effect!
11. The real Doc Brown Christopher Lloyd is getting out of that Delorian!
12. Is that Swizz Beats?
13. Other famous people I don't recognise!
14. Music stopped. Christopher Lloyd is talking to O'Neal.
15. He wants to go back to the future! Yey!
16. Lloyd is killing it! He wants to go to 2088.
17. The car drove off, the street is on fire and bang, the lightning is back.
18. O'Neal now has a shiney future suit. Like Puffy.
19. Greg Nice is back. He really works in this context.
20. Christopher Lloyd is DJ'ing in the future. GENIUS.
21. This song gets better the longer it goes on.
22. Ha! A list of credits!
23. That was Swizz Beats.
24. Ralf McDaniels is a name I hear in rap songs a lot but I don't know who that is.

1 comment:

Jack said...

I don't think it is a Neptune (although I did initially).

Produced by Cass&Dubs(?).

I had to listen to Greg N-I ("...the Greg-Greg N-I-C-E")a couple of times before I caught the names.

"have a cup of TEA, oh la la la, oui OUI, I say Mohammed ALI, You say Cassius CLAY, I say butter, you say PARKAY (?)"

Gregs the shit. Shouts the last word of every line. Brilliant.