Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Jeremy Allen & Akira The Don Present: A Serge Of Life [COMIC STRIP]

Jeres (aka Jeremy Allen) and Akira The Don (aka Obama Won*) have combined to write a tidy little comic strip for a music paper that has never, to my knowledge shown me any love. I could be wrong, but I rarely am...as you know. This is part 1 of A Serge Of Life which you can read in the latest issue of Stool Pigeon. Which as I mentioned before, doesn't seem to register my existence, as far as I know, I haven't actually read one in a while, but then it's been a recession and I haven't really been in the kind of place you'd pick one up. I plan to phone Jeres to see if he can arrange me a little cameo in the next strip so I can officially say I've been in Stool Pigeon. I don't mind people that don't write about me, I read an article on The Guardian website about a week in the NME office and they mention how important Alex Miller is these days, he showed me love back in the '06, so much so that my label panicked and thought I was about to sign a deal with Warner Brothers where I would be able to keep my original name (which I am pretty much bringing back next year), so they cock-blocked me and offered me an album deal which ended up taking so long that a lot of people forgot about me. Ho hum. They will remember though...I'm very off topic. This comic is great. I wish I had comic drawing/writing skills. Girls love guys with skills. My comics would probably be about weed or rap music or zombies, or all three. Actually, how kick shit awesome would that comic strip be? Why am I almost 99% sure it already exists?

*I'm currently calling Akira "Obama Won" (although he does not know this) because the night Obama won, or should I say morning, I got a call, I woke up, reached for my phone, saw it was Akira, turned to my girl and said "Obama won", turned off my phone and went back to sleep with Curb Your Enthusiasm timing, as I put the phone down the theme tune should have started. Wait. I'll find it on Youtube.

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