Tuesday, 25 November 2008

I fucks with Alfamega

So Alfamega put the hurt on some people at some awards ceremony in the US yesterday. I may have mentioned on this site before that I fucks with Alfamega. He goes extra-extra, that's kinda my shit right now, just extra-extra. As much as T.I sucks these days he's pretty untouchable with Alfamega and Maino backing him up. I wish I liked Maino but he's yet to impress me, I try to enjoy his music as well, I truly do.

Apparently Young Jeezy's crew were made to hurt by La The Darkman's crew at the same event. I had a feeling Drama and Jeezy weren't getting on anymore but I guess this confirms it. No more 'Trap Or Die'? Fuck a Dip Set reunion we need a Drama and Jeezy reunion!

One thing's for sure, hip-hop awards ceremonies can not continue! They are a plague! They're like their own gang that account for a large percentage of the black on black crime rate across the globe!

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