Monday, 12 May 2008

Hello Manchester!

Usher called out Manchester on stage in Kent. I feel for you Usher, I did that one time, it was slightly different though, I was in Leicester and there were some people from Mancester in the front row so I shouted out my Manchester crew, I got a boo, I'm not going to lie. It was all in jest though.

I got no boos in Hartlepool. I did a weird set, Jack got sick in the morning so I had to use a stand-in live set-up which consisted of Tego DJ'ing (old school) and Ben Official hyping and doing backing vocals, we ran through the set, with 'Boyspot' getting a wheel up (it was about to go crazy in there), I'll try and get that live footage up on the Youtube this week. Shout outs to Hartlepool though, we had fun, we had a Megadrive backstage but the pads didn't work so well, I wanted to play Streets of Rage. Example killed though, he wanted me to go up for 'Turn Me Up' but I was so fucked from jumping around I didn't have the energy and I probably would have flopped.

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