Tuesday, 13 May 2008

R.I.P Jimmy Mizen

This story has been depressing me in levels you wouldn't understand this week. This kid (16) Jimmy Mizen was stabbed to death at a bakery on Saturday morning. They say he died trying to defuse a stupid situation, apparently the kid was a real pragmatist and a genuinely good guy; he was 6ft 4inches so you know he could have handled the situation in a different way but as cowards do they draw for the weapon and they take a life. I'm so messed up over this, I would teach my child to act the way he acted, I would have acted the way he acted. London is in big trouble right now, I hate to sound like a moaning old man but seriously if these kids aren't brought in a bit (a lot) you're going to have the good guys walking around with knives and guns, I can see adults carrying weapons to protect themselves because the way people see it right now, teenagers in London can not be touched, the teenagers think it (I thought it), the adults know it (I know it) and the Police are a waste of space at the best of times (everybody knows it). You can "Solve" this crime, you can lock the kid who did this up (or not, apparently he's fled to North Cyprus already) but you can't go back in time and save Jimmy Mizel's life, how many more children have to die before you figure it out? I hate to say it, but I hope a well raised, well behaved white kid with prospects dieing on the streets will do something to ignite something proactive. If this is the straw that breaks the camel's back then I hope we can end these senseless killings, but at the same time, if it turns out to be the case I will be right there to dissect the nonchalance that has surrounded the killings of (what are we up to now?) 30 teenagers in 2 years in London is it? I can't do that now though, kids are still dieing, this isn't the 3rd world, kids should not be dieing in a major capital city at this rate.

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