Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Is Tha Carter III really going to suck?

You may have seen blogs covering 'Tha Carter III Snippets' this weekend but a lot of them are one file and they don't have much info. Semtex has got everything in there in Zshare files with details. Hmmmm. In 2004 I was banging 'Tha Carter' very hard...no moho. He was just starting to change opinions among the hardcore, Tego was into the South on another level at the time so he was bringing a load of crazy shit around us that didn't stick, Wayne pretty much became all of our favourite rappers (Jay-Z was retired) by the time 'Tha Carter II' came out though. The beats weren't as dark as they were on the first album but it had genuine hits. 'Tha Carter II' stayed on my phone for like a year. He killed the remixes and the freestyles for a solid year or so before I started to get worried, in my opinion, save for 'Gossip' and a few freestyles here and there Wayne has sucked for over a year now. I know 'Lollipop' wasn't for me and I know it's number 1 in the States but that's not the same Wayne as 'I Miss My Dawgs', that's somebody else. He was basically worthless on 'Barry Bonds' and 'Hello Brooklyn', he flopped when he came over here, made himself look pretty silly and honestly these snippets aren't filling me with much excitement. It seems like Jay-Z and Lil Wayne are going to do a Jay-Z and Biggie by only ever collaborating on slightly subpar production. Saying that; Jay's track on the last T.I album had a dodgy beat as did his track on the last Beanie Sigel album.

What do you think? Can Wayne pull it out of the fire?


Adam said...

I am worried.

And I hate the sleeve do much.


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Marvin The Human said...

I think I just have. Complicated.