Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Saigon free

I just found out that Saigon and Just Blaze worked out a release from Atlantic Records. I don't think it's an ego thing when I say that I always saw a parallel between mine and Saigon's careers. The time lines matched and everything. I really hoped that 'Devil In The Distance' would come out the same year as 'The Greatest Story Never Told' it was one of things I was looking forward to saying this year, I hope them getting their release from Atlantic means that they can press ahead with the album which Just Blaze says he kept the masters to. I am a genuine Saigon fan as you may have been able to tell from my 'C'mon Baby Freestyle' and I'm obviously a Just Blaze fan. For all the people disappointed that 'The Greatest Story Never Told' is looking like a 2009 release I promise 'Devil In The Distance' will bridge the gap. For the time being Just Blaze just leaked this new Saigon banger. That's that soulful shit we need.

Saigon- Believe It

UPDATE: Saigon talks about leaving Atlantic on his MySpace

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