Thursday, 1 May 2008

Why Lout?- It's Been Time!! (Free Download)

I'm dropping an online mixtape next month and will be leaking songs here and there for the next few weeks. In that spirit I figured it makes sense to take it back to where it all started for me. 'It's Been Time!!' the second Why lout? Mixtape (don't ask me about the first). It's available as a free download.

Why Lout?- It's Been Time!! [Megaupload FREE DOWNLOAD]


1. Guns of Brixton (Me, Pixel, Jack)
2. Hungry and Poor (Pixel and Jack)
3. I.N.S.O (Me)
4. Road Circles (Pixel Feat. Scarecrow)
5. Hey You Guys Part 1
6. Steve's At It Again (Jack)
7. Perfect Puzzle (Me)
8. The Process (Pixel)
9. Home of the Hooligans (Me)
10. Fire of London (Pixel)
11. 10,000 Mishaps (Jack, Me, Pixel)
12. Hey You Guys Part 2
13. Gather 'Round (Pixel and Me)
14. My Oh My (Me)
15. Emily Kane Skit
16. Stay Off the Kane (Me)
17. Prime Number (Pixel)
18. Walking In the Rain (Jack)
19. It's In Your Nature (Pixel, Jack, Me)
20. They Love The Way (Me)
21. Little Light (Me and Jack)
22. The Best Things (Me, Jack, Pixel)
23. It's Been Time (Outro)

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