Wednesday, 21 May 2008

"What? F*ck off back to Iran if you don't like Tim Westwood"

Me and Jack were watching Pimp My Ride UK yesterday, which we tend to do as it's way better than Pimp My Ride US due to Westwood's hilarity; but yesterday the young Iranian lady who was getting her car pimped (a VW Beetle) spent the entire show constantly trying to cock block Westwood's jokes. It started irritating us as Westwood is hilarious on PMRUK, he once had us in hysterics when he ordered a hot dog from that weird Pink Haired chick with the lines "Extra Mustard, hold the onions AND MAKE SURE YOUR BUNS ARE FRESH!!!" I still laugh at that line. He's a genius. I know some are offended by Westwood, they don't get it, that's fine, but for Westwood to be pimping your gaffer-taped rust bucket at no cost and then for you to disrespect him like that; it's simply not on. "What? F*ck off back to Iran if you don't like Tim Westwood" Jack announced in a totally non-racist kind of way. Westwood is an institution, he really is, you hear how the best DJs in the world talk about Westwood and it's with nothing but respect.

But why blog such randomness I hear you ask? Well because the incident popped back into my head this morning when I stumbled upon DJ MK's blog where he has just thrown up classic 1989 Westwood and DJ Marley Marl on air MP3 goodness. Listen to it, download it and remember why Westwood is often considered the greatest hip-hop DJ of all time.

On a related note, I once met DJ MK, I was DJ'ing for Marvin at Cargo in 2006, the sound was shocking and Marvin just had a full page in the Metro that day so the venue was rammed; I was stood next to MK, me knowing who he was but him obviously not knowing who I was and noticing that I had no idea what I was doing helped me get some more boom out of the system, it made an impact but it still wasn't a great show. MK's C.V currently reads "Regular DJ for Roots Manuva, sometimes DJ for Dizzee Rascal and have my own show on Kiss FM" that's pretty impressive. He rocked the party that night too.

I once met Tim Westwood too. We were on a billing together at Islington Academy with Lethal Bizzle, Ghetto, Skinnyman and N-Dubz. It was only last year November but it feels like longer, Westwood was so safe, he was DJ'ing from the same station as me, he was using Serato like a real pimp, I was using CDs. He said he "Loved [our] hit single" I'm not sure which single that was but it was great to hear. I bowed to him like he was the king, I'd do it again! Story time is fun.

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