Tuesday, 6 May 2008

One nation under CCTV...apparently

So shockingly CCTV does nothing to prevent crime or capture criminals. Shocking right? What I wonder (and I often wonder this), is what happens to the mind of the person who has to sit there and watch all those CCTV cameras all day? Something must go wrong in that job right? Especially those ones that follow you around. There are people in tiny dark rooms flicking switches thinking real life is GTAIV. That can't be good.

In other equally excellent news Pete Doherty is out. I don't want to demonise him any further but I'm pretty sure he's going home to kill his cats by drowning them in rum while taking coke. Just throwing it out there.

Did we all enjoy our three day weekends? I lost my phone at The Dogstar on Friday night. The next two weeks will be confusing, frustrating and confusing. Mastering my new single package today. I will post a tracklisting tomorrow. You will be so excited.

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