Saturday, 1 November 2008

Marvin [The Martian] Shop

I moved a couple of months back. I have a load of stock lying around and haven't got any immediate plans to gig (I'm sorry). I'm really trying to spend the winter in the studio getting ready to unleash a couple of new projects in the new year, so I figured I'd let you guys get first dibs on what it is I gots...

The first thing is something I should have had on the site for a while. It's a limited edition "12 vinyl we did last December for 'Get By'. It's got really nice artwork, it's got 'Devil In The Distance' as a B-Side and it was never commercially released! This was pressed up for select DJs and press, I've seen it do decent business on eBay over the last year and I don't have a JPEG. So I've made this one. It makes it look like a white label which it's not, in many ways it's rarer, no shop had this record.

'Get By'/ 'Devil In The Distance' Limited Edition "12 £7 + £1 P&P

A Side: Get By (Be Good)
B Side: Devil In The Distance

The next piece of stock is my first official single 'I Hate My Job'. This did come out in your HMVs and whatnots but that was 2006 (2006? Crazy!). The B-Side to the single was 'Music Man' which was actually meant to be my first single but it had sample clearance issues. I love this CD single. If my USP for 'Get By'/'Devil In The Distance' was that it was rare then I guess my USP for 'I Hate My Job'/'Music Man' is that it's classic. So unspoiled by expectation of the business, so innocent, so natural.

'I Hate My Job' CD Single £3 + £0.70 P&P

1. I Hate My Job
2. Music Man

The third piece of stock is extremely rare. So rare in fact that I only have about 15 left myself. But 15 aren't doing me much good sitting in a box so I figured I'd put them here. I'm not really sentimental like that. 'That One Time EP' was originally a single, 'That One Time' obviously, but we kept stocking up the remixes, 'That One Time Aidan Lavelle Remix', 'That One Time Lillica Libertine Remix', 'Boyspot', the extremely rare 'Formerly...' (once the title track to a "Best of" album thing we were doing that we never did) and one of my favourite album tracks 'Fight Or Flee'. This CD was never released in shops so I have promos with nice fully designed artwork complete with hand designed back cover (oh yes).

'That One Time EP' CD £5 + £0.70 P&P

1. That One Time
2. Boyspot
3. Fight Or Flee
4. Formerly...
5. That One Time (Lillica Libertine Remix)
6. That One Time (Aidan Lavelle's Lizard Mix)

I may have a few other bits and pieces lying around. Not sure. I will endeavour to enclose a classic flyer and badge in each package.


L said...

How many of the that one time cds are reaming cos would love to get one of them but ant been paid yet!

L said...

Meant remaining above!

Marvin The Human said...

I actually just found a bag full of envelopes stuffed with 'That One Time ' EPs that were meant to go out at the time but never did so I've got a few.


L said...

Good good cheers mate.not payday for a few days so will def get one of them wen i can.Ta