Thursday, 9 April 2009

I bought a Wacom Bamboo

Never let it be said that Akira The Don is not an inspiration. After watching his Omega Sanction artwork videos [one of which I've encoded below] I parted with hard earned fundage for a little Wacom Bamboo Tablet. It arrived in Tuesday from Amazon in a box about 50 times its actual size and I started fucking around with it yesterday. I sucked at first but on my third try I'm starting to get the hang. I actually got an Art GCSE and was something of a prodigy with the pen/clay [yeah boy] and I haven't really done any drawing since I left school in '02. A couple of months back I drew the guy to the right of me in the office [you don't need to know his name. I might scan it and run it through Photoshop actually] as if he'd been addicted to meth and I had a lot of fun doing it, the picture turned out okay [good enough to bluetak onto the wall thank you very much] but it gave me a drawing bug. Akira came along with his badderman drawing skills and I was pushed over the edge. I've attached a little Pixel trace and colour thing I did yesterday afternoon [click to enlarge]. I will post my designs over the coming months so you can measure my improvement.

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