Thursday, 9 April 2009

Jadakiss finally drops a hot album!

I've been playing this for 3 days straight. I can't get enough. I'm so surprised Jada has finally done it. It only took 13[?] years but Jadakiss finally has product I'll be investing in. See you Tuesday HMV. Awha! Ayoodat!

EDIT: This will more than likely be the last post over Easter and I'm about to leave the office hence the crapness of the content. I was going to talk about why I like the album but I realise now that I can't be fucked. You should all feel so special. So special so special so special.


Anonymous said...

sorry but the album is wack i dont know what u r on but this is not hip hop .. i bet ya in two months even jada will be saying its wack

Tego said...

Naw shit's nice. How is it not hip-hop? I haven't heard anybody say "this is not hip-hop" for years. Not since Crunk.