Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Random Argos product of the day: Part 1

You really can't have a good product for sale when the Argos description reads "On/off indicator". I really want to know before I see that little light whether or not that thing on my head is working.

Random Argos product of the day: Part 1...introducing: £19.59 Sassoon soft bonnet hood dryer. Super compact storage, ideal for mobile hairdressers. On/off indicator alerts user to power on mode. Adjustable strap secures unit in place. Storage case.
cat no 054/6186
Replacement product cover up to 3 years - £4.99

This is a new section that will probably never return. Basically Jack was going through an Argos catalogue this morning and this amazing product jumped out. Imagine putting that on your head. I don't think this post needs a joke about soft bonnet hood dryers.

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