Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The new Mavado album is nice

I listened to 'Mr Brooks...A Better Tomorrow' a couple of weeks ago and disregarded it as a sloppy follow-up to Mavado's brilliant first album 'Gangsta for Life: The Symphony of David Brooks'. Having listened to it a few times since I was clearly too quick to judge, the album is richer and a smoother than 'Gangsta for Life' which is not necessarily a good thing, but Mavado's song writing and performance have developed to an outstanding extent. I can't be fucked giving you a review and yeah I know he ran away from Vybz Cartell but fuck it. Vybz can battle but I doubt he could make an album as good as either of Mavado's [I like Vybz though]. The album's on Spotify for all of you who are so inclined. I've actually got a decent amount of good new music going on at the moment.

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