Friday, 17 April 2009

Lion Club on a Journey

Lion Club are a painfully young band kicking the shit at the moment. They've hooked up with to film a documentary series over the next 9 months. Sounds like fun [watch the trailer above]. The series is being filmed and edited by some guys who interviewed me in the past so you know it's going to be quality.

New at for April is ‘Journey’ an exclusive series following the trials and tribulations of four young lads from the band Lion Club. The programme follows the backstage, the front of house, the road trips, the home life and all the bits in-between of one of the most exciting new bands hoping to crack today’s competitive music industry in 2009. The 5 minute weekly videos will be exclusive to, capped by a final 50 minute edit ensuring this will be one of the most exciting online documentary projects to be commissioned in recent years.

Documenting the rise of this enigmatic group the Lion Club will be opening up their world using their own cameras, enabling a candid and open story of life on the road supported by the Converse Music Media Team during live shows. Whilst on their ‘Journey’ navigating through the numerous pitfalls within the music industry, this initiative will provide great documentation of one of Britain’s most promising and talented groups.

Watch the 'Journey unfold in 09'

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