Wednesday, 22 April 2009

My song 'Blaow! Blaow!' featured in online GTA: China Town Wars viral about online multiplayer capabilities

Yeah that's a long blog title. This is a viral video Rockstar are using online to promote the online multiplayer capabilities in 'Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars' on the Nintendo DS. The song is new, called 'Blaow! Blaow!' with a hot Ghostface hook. It's an extremely violent record. I make no apologies for it.


olufela said...

when's it out breh?

guessing we'll need to go to itunes 4 that 1...

Marvin [The Martian] said...

We haven't fully decided yet. It might be an iTunes project, it might be a CD project. We've got like 4-5 songs to finish before we have to commit fully.

I'm hoping July though.

Lynx said...

Yes, yes! Big track!

You know that's all up on


olufela said...

Is it an official ad then? u on Nintendo's payroll now eh? Movin' on up i see!!

just internet ting or is it gonna b on the tv?