Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Tyson Fury

Not only does he have the best name in the history of ever [named after Mike]. He's also turning into one of the most exciting fighters I've seen fight heavyweight in years. I got really into the British heavyweight division a few years ago when Danny Williams was at his peak but I was aware that the general quality of the division was quite low. 5 fights into his professional career [5 knock-outs] the 20 year old 6'9 Manchester born bruiser has gone from strength to strength. Fighting on Saturday night, Fury destroyed Matthew Ellis in 48 seconds, putting him down twice. Significantly Tyson appears to have dropped 2 to 3 stone since his debut professional fight against Bela Gyongyosi which he won in the first round just 5 months ago. Tyson's biggest fight will be on the Carl Froch bill in Conneticut on the 25th, his opponent is yet to be announced. It's been so long since a heavyweight's been fun to watch and worth getting behind but Tyson really does appear to have a future.

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