Monday, 20 April 2009

So I just finished series 1 of The Wire...

Tego's been banging on about it for months of course but I wanted the hype to die down before I got into it. Unfortunately the BBC picked it up and got me hooked, I missed a couple of episodes and ended up having to borrow the DVD box-set from Tego. I've now got Series 2 and it's on. It's on. I'm fairly convinced that maybe [maybe] Sopranos aside it's the best TV I've ever watched. One thing I thought it best to share with you at this juncture, seeing as you all see me as a god of pure genius already...Clarke Peters, aka Lester Freamon aka The best fed in the whole damn town is a personal friend of mine. I know I know, be jealous. How does Lester Freamon become a friend of Marvin's I hear you ask? Well Lester aka Clarke Peters played one Billy Flynn in the stage version of Chicago in the West End a few years back. If you pay special attention to the second verse of 'I Hate My Job' you'll note that I used to work in The Adelphi theatre at the same time. We used to chill after every show and he was seriously cool. Thinking about it...I think 'Chicago' might have been his last gig before filming The Wire. At least that's what his IMDB would suggest. I know what you're thinking "Oh he's met him. He doesn't know him" no haters NO. Me and Clarke Peters go back, way back. If I saw Clarke in the skreets tomorrow he'd recognise me and almost certainly cast me in The Wire Series 6 which they're not making. I'm confident that if there were a Series 6 then I would definitely be in it. How's that haters? Suck out! What? On a serious note though, we were definitely cool back in the day and he was a pretty great Billy Flynn. I don't have a photo because I'm a sucker but I will do someday.

That's all I wanted to share.

Spread the news, I'm going to be in The Wire Series 6! Plus I've got Streets Of Rage 5 but my mum won't let you in my house to play it! I swear! I got it from America!

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