Monday, 6 April 2009

RapRadar > Nahright?

I've been the most regular user of since one month after it launched [word to Ian Different Kitchen who put me up on Eskay way back in the day]. But since the hipster movement and the over-posting of Eskay's weed carriers I have to say I'm less inclined to click a link on Nahright any more. I was worried that I'd lost a bit of love for hip-hop music and for a few months I really thought I had. Then RapRadar came along. I was very skeptical about Elliot Wilson going online and I am man enough to admit that I was wrong to be. Him being as well connected and experienced as he is, there's less room for error on his site. Without throwing Nahright under the bus with little to no evidence to support my claim, I kinda feel like Eskay and them got a little bit gassed by rappers personally and now they're the centre of a scene that isn't really going anywhere. Whereas RapRadar comes from XXL, The Source and Ego Trip so you know what you're getting, to the point, to the minute hot shit. I don't think Elliot Wilson could get any more gassed at this point [not a diss] he's pretty much hip-hop's pen. He'll go down as the guy who saw it all and wrote it all down and he knows it. So when a Mickey Facts or a Garry Spacks or whatever the latest cross dressing weirdo rapper pretending to have loved J-Dilla beats comes out he's not going to fall for it lightly.

The main attraction RapRadar has over Nahright though is the media player. Maybe I'm lazy or maybe I just don't like downloading and killing the industry any more but I'm really sick of going Sharebee, Zshare, wait, wait, wait, listen, like? Download, wait, wait, download, wait, wait. When Zshare's not working you're on Megaupload downloading bullshit freestyles until you can't be fucked any more. Did the download generation hit a wall? Or are they about to? Who do we trust? The best of the best are gassed and the rest are tagged. Tags? Fuck tags. We've been pondering the concept of RapRadar being better than Nahright for a few days now and I figured I'd follow through with a final opinion after watching Elliot Wilson's interview with Semtex [watch below]. I'll still be a regular on Nahright don't get me fucked up but props due, Elliot Wilson appears to have really pulled this one off.

BONUS: Asher Roth Feat. Rock City & Beanie Sigel on is fucking crazy. How is this not a cut on the shelf copy album?

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