Friday, 15 August 2008

Amir Khan moves to Sky

This may not mean a lot to you but it pisses me off so I figured I'd blog it. Amir Khan is my favourite boxer right now, hands down; the reason being that he started his career with ITV televising his every fight, which meant I got to follow him every step of the way. He made great strides in that time, when his ITV contract was up there was talk of maybe BBC stepping back into the boxing arena (their coverage was spot on a few years back in the Eastman/Williams/Harrison/Froch era) but it wasn't to be, there was also hope that Setanta might step up due to their relationship with Frank Warren; which would have been better because Setanta is easier to get hold of than Sky. But alas he's gone with the money option (probably the right option all things considered) and I'm pretty pissed off. I'm going to have to start finding pubs to watch his fights in, his next 4 or 5 will almost certainly be classics.



Anonymous said...

Im a massive boxing fan n dislike khan as i feel he is cocky n overrated n wud get smashed by murray but him going to sky box office is a joke as he takes great undercards like arthur v cook with illegal streaming watching it may have to be in protest!

Tego said...

I thought that fight against Michael Gomez showed a lot of what he can offer. Before that he didn't really do enough to prove himself but I still had faith that the potential was there. I'm just not sure he's got "£15" interest from boxing fans. They would definitely have to pad that under card. This move could have probably waited 4 or so years.