Friday, 1 August 2008

Barry George is free

I wrote on my site when this retrial began that I understood Barry George to be innocent. I'm both ecstatic and absolutely livid that Barry George has been released from prison. Ecstatic that a man who had 8 years have been deleted by a disgusting, disgraceful, sickening miscarriage of justice is free to pick up what's left of his life. I am livid that he will not get his 8 years back and that now 10 years since Jill Dando's murder; finding an actual culprit will be virtually impossible. There were political forces at play here, I hope to see Barry pick up a fat compensation package and I hope to see thousands of bogus DNA charges appealed over the coming months.

Bring back double-jeopardy.

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jen said...

Here's something odd, but not all that unexpected...

The Weston and Somerset Mercury, where Dando used to work, ran an article (here) that gives the verdict, and then goes on to portray him as guilty anyway.